Business Development & Consulting

Our team of Business Consultants are experts in their subject area, with a proven track record of working closely with businesses to help them overcome barriers and achieve greater success. Knowledge and experience that sets us aside from others.

Sales & Marketing Development – driving business success.

We work with small to medium sized businesses to develop and implement sales and marketing centred business strategies and plans for that help them grow their business. Driving the success of a business locally, nationally and internationally. Our approach is proven, work with you to identify and maximise the true potential of your business. No two businesses are the same and that’s why we work closely with you to develop a strategy and then implement plans that are tailored to meet your needs, aspirations and true potential, based on foundations that underpin sustainable success.

Online Integration – targeting customers and enhancing operational efficiency.

New technology brings new opportunities but also challenges to any business. As specialist Digital and Online Consultants, we work with you to identify the right strategies to:

  • Reach new customers and value added contacts
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Sell more products and services online
  • Enhance service delivery
  • Improve efficiency across operations
  • Streamline operations

Put simply, we help businesses to develop and advance their digital capability. Our experience enabling us to provide you with the know how to target customers and drive operational efficiency online.

Cyber Security – securing data, protecting reputation and limiting financial damage.

We are Cyber Security specialists. Our specialists bring 19 years of law enforcement and counter-corruption experience to help protect businesses and private clients from cyber-attack. We work closely with legal, HR and finance departments to reduce business disruption caused by insiders, data breach, cyber-attach and corruption. Helping businesses and private clients secure their data, protect their reputations and limit financial damages.

IT Consultancy Services – Strategic advice and practical support that enable a business to succeed.

Any business or organisation is in a constant state of change, often influenced by external factors outside your immediate control. The result is that the technology and processes that you and your team rely on need to adapt. At PC Consultants, our IT Consultancy Services provide the strategic advice and practical support needed to ensure that changes in IT policy and infrastructure work to both support and enable your business to succeed. Providing the knowledge and timely advice to ensure your Business and IT strategies are aligned. Delivered by a trusted IT partner that works to enable you to focus on the wider strategy and business tasks that will drive your business forward.

Business Process Re-engineering – enhancing business efficiency and performance

Integrating new technologies to replace paper based or existing unconnected systems such as Timesheets, Payroll, Manufacturing processes, Workshop data collection and many more can enhance your business’ efficiency, performance, quality of product and service, and worker collaboration, keeping you ahead of the competition.

After 25 years, and as award winning business our success is reflected in the many leading Businesses, Organisations and Private clients that place their trust in us to provide the consultancy support and ongoing advice they need to overcome barriers and drive success.