Sales boost for small businesses

These past few years have not been an easy time for many small businesses. To assist the drive to get back to some new normal, PC Consultants is offering to improve your website and make more of trading online; to be more visible and attractive to existing and new customers alike.

Fleet Upgrades August 2020 – Working with Island suppliers

As a long established Island based business PC Consultants takes its role in supporting the islands economy very seriously. That’s why all of their 20+ strong team live on the island, and why the company works closely with island suppliers to provide the growing needs for the business and reflect the best of what the island has to offer.

Basketball League Sponsors

In 2019 ‘The Little 3 Basketball League’ was launched on the Isle of Wight with PC Consultants as League Sponsors. The Island has lacked a competitive basketball league for some years now, but with the creation of the new ‘Little 3 league’ supported by PC Consultants as League Sponsors it is hoped that more people will be encouraged to take up the sport.